Friday, September 2, 2011

Nintendo DSi

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Nintendo DSi Overview

Nintendo portable entertainment pioneer in '80 and made famous fully mobile and accessible to millions of people around the world with the Game Boy and DS video game systems now, Nintendo is taking things to the next level by transforming the way people access, experience, create and share content with the Nintendo DSi, the third iteration of best-sellers in the world of portable gaming system, the video caption.. Read More >> or Full Reviews >>

Monday, July 25, 2011

Nintendo 3DS

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3DS is a version of Nintendo's innovative hardware that offers 3D games for the handheld market for the first time the main exit of the fourth line of the DS, Nintendo 3DS Cursor uses the 3D capabilities and improved LCD display to present a 3D effect without glasses on compatible games, giving players the ability to moderate the effect they With all the extra features, including full analog control of 3D gaming environments, motion and gyroscopic sensors that transfer hand movements in the game, the characteristics of the 3D camera, stylus, adjustable and full compatibility and not just a system of must-have, but a revolution in handheld gaming.. Read More >> or Full Reviews >>